$700 Gift Card Raffle

Some notes:

  • We will NEVER ask for your password. We only use your username to check if you won our raffle.
  • We NEVER allow viruses on our site. We ensure security throughout our site and third-parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we doing this?

We have partnered with Amazon to hold this extremely generous giveaway for our lovely Deviants who have helped make DeviantArt the amazing community and artistic resource it is.

Do you need my password?

Absolutely not! We only use your username to check if you have won the raffle or not to prevent abuse.

Is this a scam (too good to be true)?

No. There have been impersonator accounts running scam giveaways in the past on other websites. We work closely with all parties to ensure we can make these amazing giveaways possible and secure.

How can you giveaway $700 (so much)?

We wanted to make a big difference to people's lives, and we think $700 on Amazon can do just that. Because of our generous sponsor and our success as a website, we are able to give this away to a select few people.

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